Ubuntu Edgy / New Job

Ubuntu 6.10 aka Edgy Eft
So as everybody knows the new Ubuntu version is out and I must say that I’m quite impressed with the amont of cool stuff it bundles with. As a previous three-years-Slackware-user I now value packet managing a lot! I’ve changed to Debian and for two years I felt no need for another distro, until I found Ubuntu. This is the distro that seems most promising to me and I advise it to anyone, from the Windows-slacker to the Linux-geek.

A new init system called upstart is one of the must-check features once it’s intended to simplify and speed-up the entire boot process (which most Linux users know it’s slow and a bit confusing about specific hardware boot order. i.e.: hot swap hardware). Gnome 2.16 and Firefox 2.0 are also making my day. It all seems very fast (my starting Gnome session is only taking ~86Mb of RAM) and the Firefox fresh stuff is amazing.

On the other hand the update broke my VMWare installation. Nothing that Google couldn’t solve! After a couple searches I’ve found a simple workaround for it. Add the following lines to /usr/bin/vmware:


That’s right fellows, Ubuntu did ship a new libdbus which breaks VMWare stuff. I would wait for a fix but my little sister wouldn’t forgive me if she couldn’t access her so beloved Windows Live Messenger.

New Job
In other news, I’m starting at my new job this thursday and I’m really excited about it! I’m going to work with technologies such as JEE, Hibernate, Spring and there are a lot of new concepts for me to learn or getting deeper into.
One thing that I quite dislike is that the company provides me a laptop with everything that I need, except administrative permissions. Oh well, bought a nice Thermaltake SilverRiver 2.5″ (check the screwless system and the leather-case) and put up a Samsung 100Gb 2.5″ HDD inside of it. I had this idea for some time now but it was only intended for file-portability. Now it will have Ubuntu running! I just hope that the damn laptop can boot from an USB HDD.

More details and related stories might come up in following posts.


Hello World!

Hello World! As a tech-savvy fellow I like to keep up with every new technology there is, and so I’m trying this still-hot thing you’ve never heard about: blogs.

You’re probably wondering why am I writing in English instead of my mother tongue. Well that’s because I’m not targeting this blog for *portuguese only* speakers but also other fellows that might have some interest on stuff I will write about, like Linux, .NET, Java and perhaps some music as I am also a music lover.

Cya soon, probably in my next post 😉