.NET 3.0 / Java GPL’ed?

.NET Framework 3.0 has just arrived.

This is old news but Java is becoming Open-Source. We just don’t know when and by what license it will be released.. but someone thinks it’s going to follow GPL anytime now!

Mono @ Barcelona, via Miguel de Icaza blog.

Ubuntu Developer Summit goes on at Google’s home. You can follow it at Planet Ubuntu.

Novell answers some questions about its deal with Microsoft (if there’s any answer there at all).

And now the weather!


What a day / Ubuntu Developer Summit

Wow what a day I had! Slept only 3 lousy hours and got to work.. Reading has been great cause I’m now able to create a “not-so” big picture of the project I’m allocated on, which happens to be a module for a Network Management System (NMS) specially designed for ASON/GMPLS domain management. There’s more stuff to read but I’ve already started to browse existing source-code (mostly AndroMDA generated code: POJO’s, interfaces and so on..) and I’m a bit anxious to start coding :-D.
Anyway this post must be brief since I left my laptop recharger at work… Oh and caught one of those rainy days, damn biking decision :-/

Ubuntu Developer Summit is on the way..

Tool of the Week – Istanbul, the Desktop Session Recorder

For some time now I’ve been thinking to present a weekly based report about some tools that I find interesting somehow, so that people who use Linux might find those as useful as I do. As I now have my own blog (which no one reads btw!) I thought “why don’t I do this?”.. and so here it is.

This week I’ll talk about Istanbul, a desktop session recorder aimed at Free Desktop compliant Window Managers like Gnome, KDE and XFCE.
There’s not much to say about this wonderful application, that docks into your Notification Area, besides “it rocks!”. As a software developer I find this particularly handy when creating screencasts for sharing my problems or solutions with other developers, showing use-cases to technical writers, etc. But everyone may find it interesting since its unique feature, to record desktop sessions, have lots and lots of different uses.

1 – the only format available for output is Ogg/Theora.
2 – I was going to make a video “How To get AIGLX + Beryl working on Edgy with a i810 graphics card”, but since I’ve got it already to work I am too lazy to uninstall it and do it again. But I promise that you’ll see Istanbul in action in other posts.

Critics and suggestions may be dumped in this post comment’s. Feel free to post one 😉

5th of November

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot…

Guy Fawkes & the Gunpowder Plot
Words of “Remember Remember” refer to Guy Fawkes with origins in 17th century English history. On the 5th November 1605 Guy Fawkes was caught in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament with several dozen barrels of gunpowder. Guy Fawkes was subsequently tried as a traitor with his co-conspirators for plotting against the government. He was tried by Judge Popham who came to London specifically for the trial from his country manor Littlecote House in Hungerford, Gloucestershire. Fawkes was sentenced to death and the form of the execution was one of the most horrendous ever practised (hung ,drawn and quartered) which reflected the serious nature of the crime of treason.

The Tradition begins…
The following year in 1606 it became an annual custom for the King and Parliament to commission a sermon to commemorate the event. Lancelot Andrewes delivered the first of many Gunpowder Plot Sermons. This practice, together with the nursery rhyme, ensured that this crime would never be forgotten! Hence the words ” Remember , remember the 5th of November” The poem is sometimes referred to as ‘Please to remember the fifth of November’. It serves as a warning to each new generation that treason will never be forgotten. In England the 5th of November is still commemorated each year with fireworks and bonfires culminating with the burning of effigies of Guy Fawkes (the guy). The ‘guys’ are made by children by filling old clothes with crumpled newspapers to look like a man. Tradition allows British children to display their ‘guys’ to passers-by and asking for ” A penny for the guy”.

As all of you should know this was the basis for Wachowski brothers (yes, the ones from Matrix trilogy) movie V for Vendetta.

Celso Pinto just made a very funny entry related to this date and the Microsoft/Novell deal at his blog. Here’s my satyr to both movie and Celso’s crazy idea:

Scenario: Microsoft just emptied its guns into Linux/OSS...
Microsoft: Die! Die! Why won't you die?... Why won't you die?
Linux/OSS: Beneath this mask there is more than a kernel. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Monopoly, and ideas are bulletproof.

Related to this story, Miguel de Icaza just wrote another entry at his blog answering some questions he received by email. A must read!

Microsoft joins Linux business?? Take Two

So yesterday I knew the future would tell us if Linux/OSS world would benefit or get harmed with this Microsoft/Novell deal; I just didn’t realize that “this future” would come in the next day.

Even that this is just a big conspiracy theory here are two opinions that I find a lot interesting: Miguel de Icaza (well known OSS hacker and Novell’s employee, via his personal blog) and Tom Wickline (WINE lead developer, via The Inquirer) express their own thought about it, but pay attention to the fact that different points are discussed.
As a “paused” .NET developer, specially over Novell’s Mono (free .NET implementation that runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS ando others), I’m greatly interested in seeing what Microsoft might bring to this great project, but as a Linux/OSS enthusiast I’m scared about what can happen if Mr. Tom Wickline is right once that things point already to a possible step back on ODF support by Novell in favor of OfficeXML.
You can find another very interesting opinion at Luis Villa‘s blog.

Weekend’s bookshelf
Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)
Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM)
EasyMock provides Mock Objects for interfaces in JUnit tests by generating them on the fly using Java’s proxy mechanism. EasyMock is a perfect fit for Test-Driven Development. (I’ll blog about this and other Java-oriented technologies I’m starting working with in a near future).

1st Day / Microsoft joins Linux business?!

1st Day
So today was the 1st day at my new job. Met some cool people over there! Anyway, got myself introduced to some more documentation and the laptop I’ll be using in the coming times; it’s a nice machine and it’s already running Ubuntu Edgy and so I’m happy!

Microsoft joins Linux business?!
According to an article at /. Microsoft is joining forces with Novell in SuSE Linux sells support and Windows-Linux integration solutions development. According to the original story Microsoft won’t assert rights over any patented software technologies that may become available in SuSE Linux.
Are those great news or bad news for the Linux/OSS world? Could this be the beginning of a new era on the OS’es dimension or could Microsoft products bundled in Linux distro’s lower the quality of those same distro’s? ..the future will tell!