OpenBSD 4.0

OpenBSD 4.0
As happens every November’s 1st OpenBSD has released a new major version, 4.0. New stuff includes a lot of ethernet, wireless and storage device drivers, IPSec IPv6 extended support (finally someone is reading the specs and implementing them) and a lot other stuff.
I’m no longer an OpenBSD regular user but I like to follow it, as some other great software pieces, so if I need it I’ll be at least prepared for what it may take. I even used to provide some ISO’s for the OpenBSD Portuguese Group members (hail to them!) and some well-known Portuguese FTP’s but, unfortunately, I now lack the time or bandwidth to help on that.
Must read O’Reilly – Pufferix’s Adventures.

In other news, I’ve just received an e-mail from new job’s leader-developer and I’m still wondering how could I resist to an heart-attack. When I checked the attachments, two text-documents related to the internal development cycle (~130 pages) and to some device specs I’ll be working on (~350 pages) were waiting for me. Also I was informed that the usual company’s ramp-up for programmers is around 3 months but that I’ll have a week or two to start producing something (I still don’t know what they mean by “something”).
Anyway I’m packing some stuff now since I’ll be moving temporarily to a friend’s place while I don’t find a good apartment for myself.

Cya in my next post 😉


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