1st Day / Microsoft joins Linux business?!

1st Day
So today was the 1st day at my new job. Met some cool people over there! Anyway, got myself introduced to some more documentation and the laptop I’ll be using in the coming times; it’s a nice machine and it’s already running Ubuntu Edgy and so I’m happy!

Microsoft joins Linux business?!
According to an article at /. Microsoft is joining forces with Novell in SuSE Linux sells support and Windows-Linux integration solutions development. According to the original story Microsoft won’t assert rights over any patented software technologies that may become available in SuSE Linux.
Are those great news or bad news for the Linux/OSS world? Could this be the beginning of a new era on the OS’es dimension or could Microsoft products bundled in Linux distro’s lower the quality of those same distro’s? ..the future will tell!


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