Linux KVM and some more M$ PR jokes

Young man,

Are you over 18 and use Linux? Do you have an Intel-VT or an AMD-V CPU and love to emulate those fancy apps [not available for Linux]? Are you tired of VMWare or other resource-and-time-consuming virtualization tools?

Cry no more, KVM has just arrived to save your souls! KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine and even being a little-baby in a grown-up world, it’s already showing its potential when it comes to run virtualized OSes with high stability and great performance.

Check a more detailed article about it and a video of Windows XP running smoothly inside Fedora.

For the ones using Debian/Ubuntu take a look at this step-by-step.

I’m excitingly looking forward for 2007 on this 😀

What Micro$oft gives, Micro$oft takes?!

In another outstanding PR move Microsoft handed for free (as in beer) some Acer-Ferrari laptops with bundled Vista to some famous tech-bloggers so that they could talk about it in their blogs. Not surprisingly all of them focused the much-negative points about Vista [personally I used it for a week and even that I fell in love with its UI, I hated its huge-resource-eating and the lack of real-new-and-useful-things].

Now Microsoft wants those same bloggers to return the laptops or to give them away. Wh4t t3h f*ck?

It’s very sad that a company like Microsoft is becoming so lost of the path they followed before. Personally I’d like to see an agile Microsoft, a renewed Golias, not thinking only about profit and success, which is understandable as it’s a company-for-profit, but walking towards a new tech-era as Linux is [insert here some Linux-business-oriented-companies to exclude ;-)].


Back, or not..

Hi 🙂

Been almost a month since my last post. I have been very busy at work so that my will to come and blog decreased 99%. There were in the last weeks some issues I’d like to have posted about, but after two failed posts, because of some problem, I just quit.

Anyway here are some links of matters I’ve been interested in:

Cya, when I have spare time 😉