Nokia N800 – Linux/OSS powered Internet Tablet has an article about the yet-to-be-announced N800, an Internet Tablet powered by Linux and OpenSource Software. According to the article, this device is a significative hardware upgrade from its predecessor N770.


(…) Some of these are changes that Linux tablet fans have been requesting for some time. These include increasing the RAM from the older model to 128 MB and its flash memory to 256MB. The processor has also been given a kick in the pants with an increase in speed from 220MHz to 320MHz.

The new tablet also boasts a VGA (640×480) resolution web cam. The microphone has also been moved to make the unit more friendly as a phone.

The unit also has two SD (Secure Digital) flash memory card slots, whereas the 770 only had a single RS-MMC (reduced size multimedia cards) slot. One of these slots is located as an internal slot under the back cover, and the other is located under the memory card cover on the front corner of the tablet. Both memory cards can be hot swapped in and out while the unit’s powered up. In theory, each card can hold up to 2GB of data and must be formatted with either the 16- or 32-bit FAT file format. In practice, some early buyers have found that the slots can handle 4GB SD cards. (…)

Check some pictures over here.

Also don’t forget the Maemo framework for Nokia 770 and presumably 800 too 🙂

Note: it seems that it supports Google Talk, at least from what I’ve seen on the pics [backpack]. I ran some searches at Google for it but nothing new came up, but it would be great if there was a Google Talk for Linux 😀 [I know there is Gaim..].

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