How to get a Windows tax refund | First Open Graphics board is alive!

Many of us [non-Windows users] had to pay off that Windows license that came pre-installed on our new pc/laptop, whether we wanted it, or not. This happens because of contracts that major OEM’s have with Microsoft for cheaper Windows if you buy a new pc/laptop, which for some, like companies are great, for others, like us are not!

Lately I’ve read across the Web that some guys have been refunded after a somewhat long battle with vendors client support and marketing teams, but now this issue is having a bit more attention than I was used to and so I’d like to pose it for everyone, if any, that reads this blog.

Here you may find some tips to get your money back while getting rid of that devilish cd-rom/license that has been given you nightmares since you were forced to buy it. Remember my friend, “if you play the Windows CD backwards, you will hear a satanic message. But the most frightening is that if you play it forward, it will install Windows” :-p

In another news, the first open graphics board is out there! No, it’s not finished but it’s for real and it’s looking very nicely, which many thought wouldn’t be feasible or even possible. Check it out!

Now I have one message for someone that has reached me anonimously through e-mail. If using and supporting the OpenSource ideology is acting like a comunist, then I must say to you [anonymous coward]: I am a comunist from my heart and soul!



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