HowTo KVM you world | VB.NET in Mono is now completed

KVM is hot, hot, hot! Everyday I read new stuff about it, and now Ingo Molnar has just committed a patch that enables [still childly] paravirtualization support with spetacular results. More on that can be found in KernelTrap.

I’d like also to point out at an interesting article detailing a KVM setup and some benchmarks of it and other virtualization methods.If you don’t know what the hell I am talking about and are interested in virtualization under Linux, please read it 🙂

Note : If you are a pro-gamer forget the idea of running your heavy-graphics-consumming-games under Linux. KVM doesn’t allow, yet, access to video hardware [all hardware is virtualized] so 3D graphics acceleration isn’t supported.

In other news, VB.NET (version 8) support in Mono has now reached it’s first finish line. Personally, I don’t code VB.NET [thank god!!] but I follow Mono very closely and this is great news for everyone, both VB.NET coders and Linux users, as many apps written in that language may now become easily available for it. Go, go hackers!

Btw, Nokia is rocking hard! After releasing “my precious” N800 they are now giving 500 discount tickets to “eligible developers”, whatever that is, so that they can acquire this device just for 99 Euro! Sadly this is as much as I could find over the Web atm.. I just feel sorry for not having time to hack on this. Been pretty lazy lately :-/



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