P* | Be sure to have your windows locked when you leave home..

I’m now sindicated at P* which is a portuguese aggregator for science and technology oriented blogs. Interesting blogs, may I say! Anyway, I’m happy to share the same space with some people that I “know” and respect both as computer geek and a person. I’ll do my best to keep at a close quality level that many are used with P*.

Now, back to the ranting..

As pointed in Slashdot, several versions of Windows, the Microsoft OS, including Vista were target of security auditing by NSA and perhaps had some help from this same agency fixing the problems that were discovered. Now I have one question: why the hell does it still sucks hard on the security matter? Why couldn’t NSA succeed as they did with SELinux [Wikipedia reference]?

Oh, and SCO.. Die biatx!

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