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[Consider this as an extent to my previous post]

Mike Linksvayer points out his opinion on iPhone and refers to something I didn’t know about: OpenMoko!

OpenMoko starts with a Linux 2.6 kernel, on top of which OpenMoko has layered an application framework, interface layer, and a few basic programs, including a dialer, address book, and SMS/MMS message application. OpenMoko’s application framework and application manager are the key: they let developers design for a mobile-phone platform and let users easily find and download new applications for their phone.

And the funny thing is that this has been on CES and no one seems to notice it.

The Neo1973, the first OpenMoko phone will be built by FIC and will have a 266 Mhz ARM9 processor and a VGA touchscreen, making it the first 640×480 screen phone available in the U.S. There will be no hard keypad, though—you’ll have to dial by using the touchscreen or voice dialing. It will have 128 MB of memory and quad-band GSM with GPRS, not the faster EDGE data network. (That last bit was to keep the cost down, apparently.)

More can be found here!

I’m still wanting that N800.. anyone? Please be the father/mother I never had! [insert here the most melancholic/sad music you ever heard]

2 thoughts on “More on iPhone

  1. ThoughtFix mentioned openmoko to me the other day. It didn’t really catch my eye until reading your post, Paulo, when sizing it up agains the iphone. This could be very interesting.

  2. John tks for stopping by. OpenMoko seems to target the same audience as Maemo only having its difference in using Qtopia [Qt based] while the latter uses Hildon [GTk based]. To follow closely… 😉


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