OpenRPT to go more open? | iPhone

OpenRPT the graphical report writer and rendering engine – the first fully cross-platform SQL report writer has gained my interest a couple years ago, but at the time it wasn’t what I really needed. Even following an opensource development model, OpenRPT has never been free (as in beer), but it seems that things are changing. Check it out!


I was trying not to blog about this but I have to. Today I was completely ran over with iPhone related news and posts all over the Web, and that sucked a bit. OK, it’s fancy; it’s a cellphone and an ipod; it has some networking capabilities; but is this something new? No!  Could it be the next popstar? Yes! Is it worth it? IMHO, no.

Before keep reading, please note that this is my personal opinion!

Why is it (not) worth “to me”? Ok, here follows:

1 – Cellphone that only supports GSM? What about GPRS/UMTS?

2 –  No keyboard? Ok it has a virtual keypad, nice. Ermm, no pointing device other than my finger? Don’t know about you but I like to make phone calls while I’m cooking, exercising or simply having a heart-killing-meal at McDonald’s.

3 – iPod? Ok this has always convinced me, except the fact that Apple makes life hard for people using other OSes than MS Windows or Apple, and that sucks!

4 – Networking? 802.11b/g? Bluetooth? Kewl!

5 – Office/Web tasks on such a small monitor? Forget about it!

6 – Development/Hacking? No? 😥

Guess I’ll stick around with my N800 dream just hoping that this iPhone “thingy” at least makes Nokia to wake up and start bundling GSM/GPRS (at least) support on this kind of devices.

Compare yourself N800 vs iPhone.


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