Beyond Microsoft. Evangelizing Freedom.

(…) The real question is this: as an enlightened user of an alternative operating system, how can you go beyond evangelizing its technical merits, and instead make people see life beyond Microsoft? The answer is a simple one that, as individuals obsessed with our computers, we often forget: there is a humanistic side to computing, one that has unfortunately been corrupted by a Microsoft hegemony. What I propose in this article are three points of attack when attempting to sway an individual away from digital slavery.

This is part of a great post [that should be an article] available in Ubuntu Forums that poses a very interesting point of view on how to show to the world that we need alternatives to Microsoft products, namely Windows.

I couldn’t resist to blog about it and I hope everyone get to read it. I personally find the “humanistic” pov simply awesome.

“Bedouin”, whoever you are, thanks man!


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