And the reading.. [AJAX, ZFS, iPhone, N800]

.. for this weekend is:

1) João has been posting an AJAX tutorial. Based mostly on real examples [with server-side code too!] it’s a very interesting reading for the ones of you who don’t know, but want to find out more about this hot-hot-hot topic. Part 1 and Part 2 are already available, must follow!

2) 10 Ways The Nokia N800 is better than Apple’s iPhone, may the flamewar begin!

3) As many of you already know ZFS is a new and amazing kind of 128bit file-system by Sun Microsystems. Due to licensing issues it’s not yet possible to provide kernel-builtin ZFS support on Linux, but a countryman named Ricardo Correia has been developing an userland ZFS implementation by means of FUSE. This project started with Google’s support during the much famous SoC [Summer of Code] and is now on a preview of 0.4 alpha release. Official blog cand be found here. Props go to Ricardo 🙂


I’m still looking for that mini computer. Please help me to make a better choice!


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