Ubuntu Linux installer.. for Windows! | New Python for N770/N800

Ubuntu team has made available an Ubuntu installer for Windows! Still in a prototype version, this installer, yes a *.exe file, is the dream of every Linux evangelizer by enabling anyone to install this distro without the need for some technical knowledge, like, let’s say disk partitioning. Why? Because in this particular case Ubuntu is installed into a Windows partition [FAT/NTFS]! Neat, hun?!

I defy you to check the screenshots and resist to drool over your keyboard as I am.. It even has resume support for the necessary files download! Z’oh my god!

What an amazing start for Ubuntu this year!

In other news, the new Python 2.5 has arrived to Maemo framework. Check here an example on how to access the built-in camera! F*cking awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of those devices..

Maemo is an OpenSource framework for Nokia N770 and N800 application development.



2 thoughts on “Ubuntu Linux installer.. for Windows! | New Python for N770/N800

  1. Miguel Luís says:

    God bless your blog… I gess I won’t need to check for news on anyother of my rss feeds.
    Keep up the freshy news Paulo! 🙂

  2. Yay Miguel, tks for stopping by! I’m not much of a story maker, but I like to keep up the pace of stuff that I like and/or find interesting. It’s great to realize that someone feels the same about the things I blog about.


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