Nokia 770/800 hacking

Hey fellow geeks,

It’s been a (!) long time since my last post about Nokia 770/800 development tips, so here’s a post I’ll hope will redeem myself and save our souls from the iHell..ermm..Phone! I’m not going to extend this subject through long and boring pages, trying to get you on the development process but instead will point you to rich and useful resources on that matter. By the end of this post, I assure, you’ll become 1000x plus intelligent, strong and sexier than you could ever imagine. At least I did!


If you’re still with me then you already know about Nokia Internet Tablets version 770 and N800. If you don’t, for sake of your happinness, do! If you don’t own a device than probably you should read this review from MobileCrunch and if it is of your interest then buy it.

Briefly both N770 and N800 are Internet Tablets, and that’s all you get: an Internet Tablet, theferore no phone! Why would you want a device like this when you have a laptop or a computer at home? Well, I’m going to pose a point-of-view I haven’t seen on any review.. Personally I find amusing going for a shit-break, which usually takes longer than having meals, and to be able to surf the web, reply to e-mails or simply keep the “chit-chat” with my IM contacts. You can argue about the existance of PDA’s or smartphones, but before you do so please check the prices and tech-specs of any product of your choice and compare it to those I am presenting to you.

Knowing “teh” concept!

Both N770 and N800 are 802.11b/g enabled therefore offering you a day-by-day growing space of Internet reachability. Bluetooth is bundled too so you can pair your device with a BT keyboard or headset. Now imagine yourself in the middle of your city making a VoIP with video-support call through available GoogleTalk or Gizmo or driving your car with a BT GPS paired to your device and using it as a navigation tool.. simply imagine!

Also, and very important, N770 and N800 are powered by OpenSource Software (OSS). Not just only its operating system Internet Tablet OS (Linux, Debain-flavoured) but also all applications and even a Software Development Kit are openly available by Nokia.

Stopping the bullshit talking

Yeah! Now that you know these beauties, it’s time to get inside of it [all you perverts should rot in hell!]. Even that you may not have a N770/N800 don’t quit reading right now. Why? Cause you can develop and test software with an emulator.

Now check the following links:

  1. Tutorial for Nokia770 [official];
  2. Tutorial for Nokia800 [official];
  3. Setting up development environment for Nokia770 [unofficial];
  4. Setting up development environment for Nokia800 [official];
  5. Laika plugin for Eclipse [kewl!];

To be continued..

This is all I have for you at the moment, but I assure you it’s more than enough. I hope to write more on this when I have more time and (finally!) my N800. I am still thinking about an application that is both needed and simple to write about its development in this blog, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment.

I have a mesh-network support among N800 ability in mind but that’s way too much for blogging about.




9 thoughts on “Nokia 770/800 hacking

  1. JP says:

    Personally I use my laptop during shit-breaks, but it’s a tiring task to have it so much time on my knees.
    Anyway. It seems you’re a lover of N800 and also have a much of willingness to put your hands on a N800 to do some hacks. Have you though, already, which will be your first application for your N800?

  2. Yes! Initially I want to implement a way of automatic advertisement/discovering of N800 so that you can pair them at user-request. This is very useful for instance, to play a game or engage in a collaborative task or simply for file transfer (?). Yes it’s a mesh-network capability that I shall study more profoundly when I get my hands on it πŸ™‚
    This might prove to be more difficult to achieve than I can ever imagine but I’ll assure you I’ll give it a try!


  3. Hi Paulo, very nice intro to the N800. I was hooked on the 770 when it got out but never managed to see one in person.

    As times have improved, the N800 might be a good solution for me, so how does one who live in Portugal get their hands into those beauties (aka, Nokia site sucks because they dont sell them to PT..)?



  4. Hi Romeu, first of all I’m sorry for the delay on your comment but Akismet thought it was spam and I didn’t knew about it until now.
    Now, answering your question, you can buy one in UK/Spain through the official website.

    Cheers, keep visiting πŸ™‚

  5. Pingback: Anonymous
  6. I’ll be trying to port OLSR with the PAA added on the n8x0 devices with OS2008.
    OLSR is already registed on and i’ll post things there as soon as i get this going πŸ™‚

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