Wouldn’t it be much easier if people loved their jobs?

Hi fellow geeks,

Sorry for the delay in posting again but I’ve been pretty busy with work. And speaking of which, I’d like to point out some things I’ve learned in the last couple of days while attending to a project workshop.

  • It’s wiser to take a lot of small steps while carrying with a project development plan, than taking a few bigger ones;

It’s amazingly irritating how some people loose their, and therefore my time dwelling into ridiculous scenarios and their details. It’s even more ridiculous how the same guys always try to find perfect solutions like an illusionist getting a rabbit out of his hat. Come on, let’s face reality! Let’s take small and only needed steps in order to get things functioning and then take a closer/individual look at problems when they arise!

  • It’s more productive to have a project leader who knows how to manage/motivate people rather than one that only has a strong know-how on the project target technology;

This is a conclusion I’ve made some years ago while working at IT Aveiro under the supervision of a man I admire for his pragmatism when moderating discussions and/or managing people and tasks. Now, this idea just got strong with my team leader attitude towards those same guys who make us loose our time! It’s great to work with someone smart that loves their job.

  • If you don’t love your job, please consider finding another one that suits your taste!

Please don’t force yourself to work on something that you dislike or even despise, because eventually your bad mood or less professional attitude towards a specific issue might affect an entire team, and worst, an entire project. This may lead to bad relationships and in a long and hedious term, firings.

This is a very important lesson I got, and here I am sharing it with you.That’s something I love to do, share! Perhaps one day I’ll blog about it too..


6 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be much easier if people loved their jobs?

  1. Tell me. Do you love your job? Even when you need to use Windows evertday? 😉

    How was the workshop? I’m sorry I wasn’t there, but there was a fire and I needed to put some water on it.

  2. Yes, even using Windows and Clearcase and all those things I don’t like to use, I love to be a software writer. I love to crack my head while finding solutions for provided problems!
    I love to learn 🙂

    The workshop went great I guess. We’ll see in the end 😉

    Cheers mate, next time hope to see you there!

  3. JP says:

    The problem is sometimes people have a tendency to find the bigger problems to hide the smaller problems. Focus on define your problem and try not get more problems on the way. Keep it simple, make it work.

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