Google Code Testing blog | Musik 2k7 – #2

Hi fellow geeks,

Google recently made public one of its most profound secrets! No, it’s not related to business, but instead to a good code pratice: unit testing. In a funny way, Google Code Testing Team frequently releases episodes about unit testing with the codename Testing on the Toilet, as a PDF file, so that yourself, like they do, are able to print it and, as pointed by them, get it on your company toilets!! This way, they hope, when people are on their meditation time they can learn/share some great tips about unit testing. A must see!!

Now, it’s time, again, for me to list my latest music acquisitions. Be warned about my minimal/techno/electro biased choices 😉

Moonbeam – Eclipse //Traum Schallplatten [TRAUM V82]

VA – Collection Vinyl 02 //Players Paradise [PLAYER011]

Cornell – Metro Tour // Minimise [MIN029]

John Dahlback – 20 // Pickadoll [PICK020]

Kaiser Souzai – Gaia // Rotor [RR108R]

Jorge Savoretti – 150 Razones // Esperanza [ESPERANZA003]

DJ T – Lucky Bastard // Get Physical Music [GPM065]

Now the things you should pay a lot of attention..

Novox Marbles – [Resopal 41] @ Music-Head

Florian Meindl – Moonchild [Resopal 42] @ Florian Meindl MySpace

Kaliber – 11 [KALIBER011] @ MusicHead

Enjoy 😉

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