(Open)T.120 not dead after all?

Hello fellow geeks,

As promised I want to talk about OpenT120. OpenT120 is an attempt to freely implement the ITU T.120 protocol suite which is intended for “developers can create compatible products and services for real-time, multipoint data connections and conferencing. With T.120-based programs, multiple users can participate in conferencing sessions over different types of networks and connections.
Depending on the type of T.120 product, the program can make connections, transmit and receive data, and collaborate using compatible data conferencing features, such as program sharing, whiteboard conferencing, and file transfer.” A more complete introduction can be found at Microsoft website.

T.120 is a huge, in size and complexity, spec, and therefore so its implementations will be. That’s why OpenT120 didn’t reach land, yet.. as it seems to not have quit swimming towards it 😉

In a world where SIP and Web conferencing are getting a lot of attention, I thought T.120 would be a thing from the past. It seems that I’m wrong! I now can say that HP and Huawei, among others, are actively seeking for a way to integrate a SIP-compatible Conferencing Control technology to their SIP products and have reached me to check OpenT120 status even discussing issues like if it was possible to GPL‘ize OpenT120 instead of its current MPL licensing.

Given the above facts I am looking forward an OpenT120 revamp, depending on the current interest of companies/developers, so if you want to take a hike just reach me at pjpires_at_users_dot_sourceforge_dot_net. The current site really needs to be refreshed but let’s take a step at a time.. See below for technical details.

ITU-T Recommendations:

T.120 Implementor’s Guide [as of August 2005)

T.120 – Data Protocols for Multimedia Conferencing (as of January 2007)
T.121 – Generic Application Template [GAT] (as of July 1996)

T.122 – Multipoint Communication Service, Service Definition [MCS] (as of February 1998)

T.123 – Network Stack (as of January 2007)

T.124 – Generic Conference Control [GCC] (as of January 2007)

T.125 – Multipoint Communication Service, Protocol Specification [MCS] (as of February 1998)

T.126 – Multipoint Still Image and Annotation Protocol [as of July 1997]

T.127 – Multipoint Binary File Transfer Protocol [as of August 1995]

T.128 – Multipoint Application Sharing [as of February 1998]

T.134 – Text Chat Application Entity [as of February 1998]

On other news, I’m very excited about the new stuff on WiMAX. It seems that the IEEE guys are targeting a speed boost up to 1Gbit per second while maintaining compliance with previous WiMAX specs. They are calling it 802.11m. It looks promising, but we’ll hear more on that only during 2009.. so see ya’all there.


One thought on “(Open)T.120 not dead after all?

  1. Hello there

    I hope that you can help me out here.

    I an MSc student at Rhodes University in South Africa. My research is on Application Sharing in Virtual Classrooms. I am looking for an open source stack of T.120 all over the internet with no luck so far, even thinking of implementing it myself.

    Can you point me or share some code, even not finished. I can’t any code of OpenT120?


    Gerhold Kooper

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