Finance – Money Investing

Hi fellow gee.. ermm.. investors,

Today I finally woke up to a dark reality that affects billions all over the planet: I live paycheck to paycheck!

Being part of the so called “active population”, as in employed-and-paying-taxes-individual, I found myself spending the sunny days of my life sitting in a dark, cold and lonely basement struggling for some bucks (Euro in this particular case) so that I can have, well.. you know what we all need to sustain: food and water, a shelter, electricity, internet, gas, etc.

And that’s it.

I mean that was it! I don’t want to be one of the many small-red-eyed-white-rats running endlessly in a round-vicious wheel just for the amusement of some bigger tenacious cats. No, it’s enough, and instead of blaming the void for the “where’s my money?” qotd, I’ve just made a decision. I’ll now start a new journey in my life, Investing Money.

And that’s what I want to hear about, from you. Yes, you!

I want your tips and suggestions on great books you’ve read on the matter, links for interesting websites and stock services you follow(ed), directions on the software you use to manage your portfolio and follow the market, and whatever you saw fit to fulfill my quest.

Ever wanted to make this world a better place to live? Well you can start by helping me 😀


5 thoughts on “Finance – Money Investing

  1. I’ve reminded me of something I’ve read just yesterday. Quoting the one and only Jerry Seinfeld:

    I’m not an investor. People always tell me, you should have your money working for you. I’ve decided I’ll do the work. I’m gonna let the money relax. You know what I mean? ‘Cause you send your money out there – working for you – a lot of times, it gets fired. You go back there, “What happened? I had my money. It was here, it was working for me.” “Yeah, I remember your money. Showing up late. Taking time off. We had to let him go.”


  2. Hi Paulo!

    I’d recommend the bible of wise investing, “Inteligent Investor” from Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet’s master. But if you’re not that conservative regarding investment (ie, not particularly bound to the margin of safety concept) than I’d also recommend “Up on Wallstreet” from Peter Lynch, the guy that holds the record for the biggest growth on fund investment.

  3. JP says:

    Telling others to read rich dady, Poor dady may be one of the best advices I can give to people.

    Are you in the rat race?

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