Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) is finally out!

I’ve been using it since an early beta version and just upgraded it to the final release. Get it here cause it rocks 🙂



Want to be a criminal? No? Then..

Sign here!

On April 24th, after three delays on the voting date, the European Parliament will vote on IPRED2, the Second Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive. If you’re against Software Patents and other copyright or patent environments please sign it.

I did!

Yes Mr. Ari Jaaksi, you are so very right!

From Mr. Jaaksi blog, “(…) It may be that big companies are so used to do high level standardization and high level business deals that the simple community work doesn’t seem real to them. They do not know how to deal with open source development (…)”.

Unfortunately, this is so very true! Companies tend to be more and more confident about OSS but still they seem unable to understand that its power is directly connected to something their blinded nature can’t stand, the community.

Read more at Mr. Jaaksi post. Ari Jaaksi is the “Head of Nokia’s open source software operations — including Internet Tablets and maemo.org. An adjunct professor at the Tampere University of Technology.


I’ve been playing Travian, which is a Web-based MMORPG. As a RPG it’s addicting but unlike many other games of the genre, Travian doesn’t follow the perform-hard-and-time-consuming tasks that makes we, RPG lovers, to be more present in a virtual world than in the real. The objective is simple, total anihilation. As in Microsoft’s Age Of Empires you have to manage your resources and evolve your buildings/units so that you are able to create villages and armies that you will control against others, alone or as part of an alliance. You should try it as it’s a great game for those dead moments or work breaks that will not require you to stop living your real life.