I’ve been playing Travian, which is a Web-based MMORPG. As a RPG it’s addicting but unlike many other games of the genre, Travian doesn’t follow the perform-hard-and-time-consuming tasks that makes we, RPG lovers, to be more present in a virtual world than in the real. The objective is simple, total anihilation. As in Microsoft’s Age Of Empires you have to manage your resources and evolve your buildings/units so that you are able to create villages and armies that you will control against others, alone or as part of an alliance. You should try it as it’s a great game for those dead moments or work breaks that will not require you to stop living your real life.


2 thoughts on “Lately..

  1. Not a bad game, but it seems a bit slow to me. It usually plays between two extremes, having nothing to do in the first month after it begins, and having way to much to do after half a year when you already got 20-30 villages. Then you have to spend a lot of time moving resources and building the same old buildings that you did in the first 30 villages, in the new ones this time. Other then that … it absolutely rullz :).

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