Nexenta, Ubuntu-based GNU/Solaris (aka OpenSolaris)

Hi fellow geeks,

As some of you may have heard there’s a “new” OS in the wild, OpenSolaris. It’s a Sun open-source project which aims to attract developers to the Solaris world much in the ways that Linux does. People who know Solaris are aware of its stability, backward compatibility and some of its great features like ZFS or DTrace and OpenSolaris is no different but, IMHO, it can be far way better.. at least in the medium/long term.

Like me, many have tried to get it for a spin and soon enough they’ve discovered that OpenSolaris is nothing more than a kernel, just as Linux is (again!). Personally I don’t want to have an existing Solaris installation (nor) to build software pieces in order to achieve my objective. I want an installer, a graphical environment, a simple way of managing my software!

Being an avid Linux user in its Ubuntu form what _I_really_want_ is to have something I’m used to: Gnome and APT. Could that be possible? I mean, can I have the power of OpenSolaris kernel and runtime together with Debian/Ubuntu packaging system and my beloved Gnome desktop?

Yes it is! I present you Nexenta OS!

Nexenta OS is a GNU/Solaris distribution currently on alpha 7 stage but that already has 12.000+ packages available including the well famous Apache, MySQL, Firefox, Gaim (now Pidgin), etc. Nexenta is also available in three CD images: LiveCD, Install CD and VMware.

Download it here, give it a try and just let it flow 🙂


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