N800, Maemo and Hildon updates

This goes directly to pedro_mg and ruimoura, two fellows who happen to not read my posts! [you are lamme! 😀]

Today we were talking about N800, Maemo and Hildon framework and since I haven’t paid much attention to it lately I decided to get a catch at Maemo’s roadmap. This guys just rock my world! Let’s see:

  • Bluetooth headset support – Checked;
  • USB host support – Checked;
  • Automatic codec installer – Checked;
  • WiMAX – Checked;
  • Samba – Checked;
  • More interesting stuff – Checked, checked, checked;

It’s amazing how a [small and beautiful] piece of hardware can become a man’s pet, even a passion, but N800 is really getting to it.

Also Hildon framework, the graphical toolkit available in Maemo and based on GTK+ is suffering some important logistic changes and will be a GNOME upstream project. This way Hildon will be decoupled from Maemo and therefore become more open to the community. Could this be more beautiful or what?

Keep it up Nokia and Community!


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