Mobile – let the frameworks war begin..

Fellow geeks,

Intel has just unleashed a new project called Moblin, Mobile Linux Internet Project. Basically it targets the same primary objective as Nokia’s Maemo, to become the standard framework for mobile devices software development completely open-sourced and powered by Linux kernel but, in this case with a more mature view.

Curiously several components will extend existing ones in the Maemo side like Hildon, the UI framework. Others are named too but aren’t yet assured like GStreamer (multimedia), Helix (multimedia), Telepathy (messaging framework) and Mozilla (Web, I believe that they’re talking about Minimo).

One of the most interesting Moblin projects is Moblin Image Creator. It is thought to simplify developers life by providinga GUI that allows..:

  • creating a platform specific build environment, or “project”
  • creating a platform-specific target file-system
  • providing user selectable “feature sets” (or fsets) to install bundles of packages that provide some high-level functionality

Read more about it on the project page and start reading the documentation πŸ˜‰

<teaser /> Check the screenshot: ui_screen01.gif

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2 thoughts on “Mobile – let the frameworks war begin..

  1. That’s the problem with Linux in the mobile phone world. It could be the best platform for mobile phones out there but it isn’t because everyone thinks they can do “the ultime embedded Linux mobile edition” so we have tons of fragmented version of Linux on the mobile phone, most of them not even compatible at the source level!

    Instead of uniting efforts, everyone tries, again, to make their own version. They should be working together on the underpinnings which don’t sell (no one will buy the mobile phone just because it runs Linux 2.6.22) and then spread when it comes to GUI.

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