Siafu – An Open-Source Context Simulator

Hi fellow geeks,

Today I’m writing to present you a very interesting project from a friend of mine working at NEC Europe Network Labs (Heidelberg, Germany), which is called Siafu.

According to the website…

“Siafu is a versatile, large-scale Context Simulator written in Java. Download it, create or modify a scenario and fire it up. Your simulated world includes models for agents, places and the context therein. By tweaking these models, you influence the scenario, and can collect the context data for any of your agents.


Siafu can generate its own context and at the same time incorporate the one you obtain from your sensors. The information can then be visualized with a user interface, or you can generate datasets for machine learning. By plugging an application to it, you can test and demonstrate the effects of context changes on it.”

The project page itself is cute, simple and rich in useful information. So if you’re interested in this type of tool go grab it and have fun!


I won’t extend on this subject because my only target was to publicize the thing. As me, probably some of you will find this tool very appealing for some tasks at your job or just for academic purposes but either way it’s a very interesting piece of work.

Grats go to Miquel 🙂

Once the project is open-source you are encouraged to download, modify and distribute it.


One thought on “Siafu – An Open-Source Context Simulator

  1. Hey, thanks a lot for all the praise! I hope it meets the expectations 🙂
    Do go ahead and try it, the site’s up and the whole thing’s released under GPL.
    Enjoy it! 🙂

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