OOXML voted “Yes, with comments”

Hi fellow geeks,

In a predictable (and sad) move Microsoft got what it wanted: OOXML was accepted with a “Yes, with comments”!

I’ve posted the reasons before, and unfortunately things didn’t change. Sun and IBM were rejected to participate in the committee which Microsoft presided and so OOXML passed with a 13-7 vote. (If you’re able to find the number of Microsoft supporters that were present in the committee just by the voting results I’ll give you a candy!)

I guess we all knew this was going to happen but as someone said out there, it’s the journey that counts and not the destiny which is known from the start. For me this is just a step in a long journey! People all over the world now know what happened in Portugal like those hilarious e-mails and letters supporting OOXML that senders have never written and the lack of chairs in the meeting room, and they, these people, these costumers are getting concerned about Microsoft’s business practices.

One Gandhi’s sentence has been crossing my mind in what concerns to this Microsoft-dome-shaped world:

First they ignore you.

Then they laugh at you.

Then they fight you.

Then you win!

If anyone from Microsoft is reading me, can you please stop before freedom wins? It’s for your own good, I say..


One thought on “OOXML voted “Yes, with comments”

  1. dario says:

    Sad day for open standards. Sad day for Portugal. But someone said “The future is open”. I really believe that. This is just a stone in the journey, but the jounery goes on!!

    BTW, according to JTC1 rules, “Yes with comments” equals “We approve the technical content of this document”. So, actually Portugal has approved “as is” a document with more than 200 recognized technical problems, many of them recognized by Microsoft people ( for example, see the comments[1] submitted by Incits/V1 the expert group comissioned by ANSI/USA to review OOXML: the comments marked as approved had been reviewed by Microsoft employees and ECMA 376 editor: Doug Mahugh and Rex Jaeschke respectively ).

    There is no “YES WITH TECHNICAL COMMENTS” vote according JTC1 rules, either you aprove the technical content of the document or you don’t approve it, stating the reasons for not approving it [2]!!

    [1] http://www.ibiblio.org/bosak/v1mail/200707/2007Jul17-133724.eml
    ( this file is an email, so to view it you must first save it on your PC, and then open it with a mail client [ Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.] )

    [2] http://www.odfalliance.org/resources/JTCI%20Voting%20Guide%20for%20National%20Bodies.pdf

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