WiMAX on the rise? (N800 + WiMAX a close reality?)

Hi fellow geeks,

This post has been on my draft bin for a couple months now, but the news I read today made me get back to it.

According to LinuxDevices.com, Nokia and Sprint are working together to bring an WiMAX-enabled N800 to the North-American market during 2008.

Today ArabianBusiness.com noticed that Intel, Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks are collaborating on global interoperability for WiMAX-enabled devices.

Should you be excited about it? Perhaps no..

Why? Well there are lots of cool devices that support a bunch of connectivity technologies, but the infrastructure services just suck and are expensive as hell! One example, 3G networks in Portugal.. Uuh, great! We have three 3G providers (TMN, Vodafone and Optimus) and both “offer” a slow and sloppy service. I can barely maintain an active and stable Internet connection over 3G, and I live in one of the most prominent portuguese cities, Aveiro.

So how would WiMAX or other piece of technology differentiate from this case? I guess.. it wouldn’t!

This raises a question? Why are making technology that we are not going to use? I mean, come on, it feels like if we’re reaching tech breakthroughs faster than we can consume it (technology). Errrmm, I’m bored :-/


One thought on “WiMAX on the rise? (N800 + WiMAX a close reality?)

  1. Hi Paulo! maybe we should wait and see… WIMAX technology by itself will not resolve all connectivity problems, but will certainly put some pressure on current 3G mobile operators (look at this article on Telecommunications Online Mag: http://www.telecommagazine.com/newsglobe/article.asp?HH_ID=AR_3505 ).

    About the Portuguese mobile data access market we are kind of locked to 3G, in the near future I do not foreseen any of the current mobile operators migrating to mobile WIMAX (due to high costs associated). Maybe the only one who could try such a move would be Vodafone which recently joined the WIMAX Forum…

    anyway, I do understand what you are felling, I myself I’m a victim of 3G HSDPA hype 😉

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