Urban Audio Society – The Usual Suspects, Playing The Unusual Beats

Hi folks,

As many of you are aware I collect vinyl records. It’s a passion inherited from my father and some old friends of mine who are tightly connected to the music scene – not only the dance/electronic thing, but also instrumental, orchestral and romantic music (romantic in the truly sense of the genre). Anyway, many of them are music producers, live performers or even DJs, so it became natural that I’d soon or later be involved in one of these activities.

That’s how I started.. playing some records at my homies private parties, just for the fun of it. Rapidly, I had the chance to play in a local bar and soon enough I’d be playing in some nice places out of my home city, Aveiro.

But, even though music is a great passion – I’m currently developing my audio production skills -, I already have a job (another passion of mine. oh boy, am I passionate or what?!), so I won’t try to make a living out of this, but instead I’ll keep playing here and there, now and then, mostly with friends.


And that’s why I’m writing this post, to present you with a project between me and a couple of friends, Diogo Lobo and Pedro Menício , named Urban Audio Society. Three music lovers who, together, break the boundaries of the dance scene and prove to everyone that the mind also dances and the body also thinks.

If you like lightweight, sweet and joyful music, please feel invited to listen to our first DJ set. Feedback is highly expected. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Urban Audio Society – The Usual Suspects, Playing The Unusual Beats

  1. I LOVED IT.

    Very cool. the early beginning threw me back to aphex twin in the “I care because…” phase only a lot more sane… I would love to hear more elaborate windwood/pipes. maybe I’m being far too analytical here but I love the brit-funk (m-people, anyone?) thing you get with that, and I think that’s what stands this project from the rest. I love the off-beatness of the electric piano on 6:00 and all the daft punk influences around it.

    Mind you… I’m not the hugest dance music fan, I’m really not…I’m uber picky when it comes to that kind of music, so my feedback is mostly “blinded” by whatever I actually listen too.

    Keep it coming.

    BTW: shouldn’t you go Creative Commons on this?


  2. Nuno, thanks for your feedback. It’s overwhelming to know that you’ve enjoyed so much this little piece of work of ours. Even that some of the songs are of our own independently, you must not forget that this is simply a DJ set, so there’s no need to license it.
    Personally, I am looking forward to make a live act, but that will take a while. Who know what may come in a near future? 😀

    Anyway, thanks again for your support. Keep in touch,

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