Hardy Heron over Virtualbox on MacOS X, Anyone?!

Hi fellow geeks,

Yep it’s true, I’m a switcher! It happened when I started to lack some features and some hardware issues with my audio production environment on my HP 530. Linux lacks the tools I’m used to, and none of the opensource alternatives satisfied me. Also Windows had these hiccups whenever I surpassed the number 5 in loaded VSTs. Those facts, allied to the fact that someone got me a Macbook Black 2.4Ghz, 250Gb and 2Gb RAM (which I upgraded to 4Gb) made me try more deeply the MacOS X world.

So far, in the overall I’m quite happy! Still, I lack many of my Ubuntu features, namely Gnome desktops and some CompizFusion coolest abilities.

Anyway, I’m also trying to get my Java EE development environment in my new setup. Everything went smoothly.. until I was trying to get Glassfish to run on Ubuntu Hardy Heron over Virtualbox. I installed the Server 32-bit version, but when booting it dies on me right after Grub selection menu, complaining about “this kernel is not suitable for this machine”. I also tried 64-bit without success!

Any hint on this?

Thanks in advance 😉


4 thoughts on “Hardy Heron over Virtualbox on MacOS X, Anyone?!

  1. I was more into a solution where I could divide between my day-to-day desktop from my development environment. Anyway, that’s what I’m doing right now.


  2. Just to mention that I don’t have any kind of problems with Hardy Heron over VirtualBox on Mac OS X. The installation and usage is as smooth as possible.

    I do have problems running Hardy Heron on Parallels, but that’s another story.


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