I’m going to Israel..

It’s a work related travel that will extend for about two (2) months. I’ll be located in Herzliya, just north of Tel’Aviv.

So, is there anyone willing to give me some tips about the culture and day-to-day life?


7 thoughts on “I’m going to Israel..

  1. cpinto says:

    yeah, when you start hearing a wizzling sound, duck for cover 🙂 I could advise you on something else but it’s not appropriate to leave on a public page. im me if you want to know

  2. hi,

    long time no see, hope you’re alright 🙂

    I’ve been o Israel in one ocasion and all I can say are teh following:

    – always ASK if you can take photographs, don’t take them without asking.
    – don’t make a funny face when you see a machine-gun, it’s very common to see AK47, M14 & M16 around, specially with kids carrying them (mandatory military service applies to men for 3 years after high-school and 2 years for girls).
    – be polite, remember that saying Shalom is for Jews and Salam alekum is for Palestinians. It’s best if you just stick with English so you don’t insult anyone.
    – remember that crossing a road in the wrong place is ilegal :p cross a road in the pedestrian crossing.

    believe me you don’t want to do anything ilegal in this country, I’ve never seen so many machineguns in my life :p aside from all that, they’re quite nice people (both jews and palestinians) and have some nice views. Also remember to repesct women above all, don’t look too much at them even if their big breasts are popping out! 😀

    hope you enjoy it!

    PS: don’t despair with the airport security. not only will they ask you what was the name, profession and religion of your grand-father and shit like that but also they will search you between your toes for guns. -g-

  3. Don’t worry, the differences from portuguese are little.
    Instead of being crazy for soccer, they are sensitive with religion ( Just like all the PTs with Benfica. )

    Don’t mix milk ( or anything made with milk ) and meat cow.

    3 words, very important . ( phonetically, don’t know how to write … )

    toda : means “Obrigado”
    beteavon : means “Bom Apetitie”
    Benzoná : means “filho da pu7a”, or just “Zoná” simillar to “Filho da …”

    Food is very nice.

    Besides popular belief, Tel’Aviv is very “european”. Don’t worry ..

    Another thind, a lot of young people from Israel leave their countries during/after university for a sabatic year, so, they are very “european” also ..

    good people, don’t worry .

    Last word, enjoy the culture.

  4. @Diogo Carvalho lol, tks for the language tips, those ones are really crucial, but I think I won’t be using “benzoná” any time soom.. eheh

    @francisg hey buddy, long time no see indeed!!! thank you very much for your very important tips. Even though I’m going for a place with a less rigorous security, there are some points I should really take care of. hugs

  5. ami says:

    I can belive what pepole here saying about israel! you dont need to be afriad of no one. say what ever you want. pepole here are very nice. if you need any help let me know i live in natanya its 10 min from herzelya. this is my number 0506333533.

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