Israel no more!

That’s right, I’m no longer going to Israel. If you’re asking what went wrong, I can only say that higher demands came across my way! I am sad.. but not for staying, just why it happened. Dude, I know you read my blog from time to time. I just wish you the best of lucks and want to thank you for everything I learned from you.

Cya ninja


2 thoughts on “Israel no more!

  1. I was reading some stuff on GlassFish and somehow got into the post of you going to Israel – with another entry a few days after, for not going any more…
    I hope it’s OK I get into your nice Portuguese party, but as one living in Israel it’s a bit funny reading the comments in your I’m going to Israel post 🙂 Make me learn a bit what you think about us.

    I was in two occasions in Lisbon (Lisboa) for work, with a small jump to Sintra for a journey. It was great. And I must say the atmosphere, weather and people reminded me of Israel a bit.

    So wishing you to get to be in Israel sometime, you will love it. And working with technical guys here is a real fun, in all apsects.

    All the best,

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