Eclipse on Mac OS X is down. Bring on Netbeans!!

Eclipse has been my preferred IDE for a while now, at work and home. I use it mainly for Java development, focusing on Enterprise Edition oriented version 3.3, Europa.

Recently, I installed it over my Macbook running Mac OS X. The problems started right away! I needed to install the Android plug-in so I followed the official instructions. Eclipse plug-in installer kept failing on me complaining about some other plug-in dependencies breakage even that all I did was selecting Android’s plug-in. I tried other plug-ins and even updating Eclipse using the official way (Help -> Software Update), but the behavior was the same.

As a good developer should do, I started looking on Eclipse’s bugzilla and after some wandering I finally hit it. Can you see what the Eclipse developer did? He told me that “Europa is around for some time” and so “they would have run into it”.. WTF? What does this means? That I’m loosing my mind? That the other guy that reported this situation is highly on dope? Come on..

Well, I’m going for Netbeans!


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