Voice and Video support for Pidgin and Adium – is it coming?!

As wandering through my feed I got to Pidgin developer Hylke Bons blog post, where Hylke passes the message that Voice and Video support is coming soon to Pidgin. If this is true, and I’ve no reason to suspect otherwise, libpurple is the repo where the inners of this so long-awaited feature is under development.The same libpurple is the core for many other IM applications, namely one of the most famous Mac OS X IM clients, Adium.

So, can we expect Voice and Video support coming soon? How many of you are waiting for this feature?


5 thoughts on “Voice and Video support for Pidgin and Adium – is it coming?!

  1. Carlos Neto says:

    I agree with Rui. In Linux, perhaps it was interesting to see the fusion of Pidgin with Ekiga to have CoIP. Meantime I am spying on the QuteCom project.

  2. it’s easy to speak about proprietary protocols the same way we talk about proprietary software. but the issue is what many non-tech-savvy people use. i have around 400 msn contacts and only 40 jabber, that means something…

    this is why i’m so interested in video/voice support into adium/pidgin. it’s the last thing my little sister and mom want when using Linux is to chat with their friends and family and i’ve been unable to satisfy them easily. i know there are more clients out there, but hey i love pidgin 🙂

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