Thoughts on creating a real tech hub – my two cents

cpinto posted a nice blurb about how he’s somewhat disturbed by the lack of infrastructures outside major Portuguese cities, which causes high stress in a variety of ways to companies and mainly, to the people who are eagerly trying to find a suitable way of escaping to the drawbacks of living in dense-populated areas. Obviously, he also gives a hint or two on what could be done to achieve that, specially in what concerns to IT companies.

All in all it’s a good idea, but not a new one, as someone pointed out. I’ll just add my two cents, as a comment to that post was becoming larger and larger and I want to spare cpinto‘s database size, eheh.

IMHO, what we really need is companies and employees able to work online rather than on-site!

I mean, come on, in a Web2.0+ era, why are we still looking for bricks to rely our company on, when its most important organ, communication can be supported in a variety of more agile and cheap ways like the Internet?

Why must we, for instance, developers, live obligated to the 8h/day-5d/week work schedule and all of this in the company’s offices? Sure, being with people is important, yet most of the time it is not needed, given the technology online we have accessible to the average joe nowadays.

From where I stand:

  1. Home is the best place to work. I have all the comfort I need right here (food, ergonomic chair, etc.)
  2. Being at home means almost no extra bills like transportation, parking, lunch, and even better I get more time to me and, more happiness!
  3. Sharing workspace with other people may be rather complicated, specially on big open spaces like the ones you find in big corporates as my freedom ends where others start! And that’s why people just love start-ups.. cause it’s nice dealing with few people. But if things run the way the company wants, and the way you should be working for, soon that feeling will be gone. Been there. Did that. Got the t-shirt! Trust me.

Now, don’t take me wrong, I love to communicate with others. I love to learn from others. Hell yeah, it’s fun to be part of a community, but when you are surrounded by people who you work with, on a regular basis, most probably you will learn to ignore the real value of being with them. This affects your productivity too! Hard! And it will affect your company’s on the long-term. Hard!

Who of you, haven’t nearly fall asleep during some work meetings? I did.. not because it was boring, but sometimes because those weren’t needed. It’s easy to someone to simply point a meeting, sometimes no matter what, just because it’s costless.

Who of you, haven’t ignored most of those meetings content ? I did.. not because it was boring, but because that same content was not directed at me! Why should I be at a one-hour meeting where all I need to know is given to me in 10 minutes?

Who of you, do give true value to that time where you grab a cup of coffee or have lunch with your “inmates“?

So, we’re not facing just structural deficiencies, Celso. Those mean large investment, both money and time. Money and time that most of us don’t have. We’re facing communication issues, the largest problem of all in all companies around the world. So let’s get a hand on it 😉

DISCLAIMER: The author of this post is aware that this solution is specifically targeted at Web-oriented companies, in the truth meaning of Web.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on creating a real tech hub – my two cents

  1. Jackson E says:

    I love working freelance; people forget that when you work from home you should be just as comfortable (*if not more) then if you were in an actual office. I really really wanted an Aeron chair because my old company used to buy them from and it was awesome; Even though I wanted a new one from there, I was fine with buying a used one–which is when I stumbled upon I swear the chairs are LIKE NEW. No joke at all.

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