Which access router to buy and what open firmware to run on it?

Hi fellow geeks,

I need your opinion on what is the best wireless access router to buy around here, and which open firmware you can’t live without. Things I do need:

  1. 802.11 n
  2. WPA2
  3. SSH
  4. QoS – Layer7 abilities are a must!
  5. IPv6
  6. Of course all other basic stuff like port-forwarding is included in this list πŸ™‚

I like what I’ve read about DD-WRT, but haven’t found a good compatible device. Help for this important decision is highly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance,



8 thoughts on “Which access router to buy and what open firmware to run on it?

  1. PP says:

    WPA2 – lame πŸ™‚ What you really need for real security is to have an openvpn server on the box!
    802.11 n ?! – If it wasn’t for this, I would suggest WRT54GL with OpenWRT – I’m very happy with mine!

  2. I have an old ASUS WL500-Gx running old fashion Oleg Firmware πŸ™‚

    “That is old dude!” – you say

    True, but I cannot recall last time I needed a reboot or a new feature πŸ˜‰ (and yes it support all your mentioned features)

    Back to your problem… I’ve used DD-WRT in fonera’s and let me say that it is not as quick as OpenWRT, I would go for a “OpenWRT router” picked from their list of supported devices…

  3. If you can live without 802.11n and IPv6 (at least for now), I strongly suggest a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 plus Tomato firmware.
    It’s cheap, rock solid and QoS ‘just works’!


  4. brecke says:

    I’ve been using a linksys WRT54GL with tomato on it. The installation was very simple and i find it very stable and robust. Plus, tomato just works.

    I have tried a buffalo before but it just kept crashing every time i turned on my torrent downloads. With tomato i haven’t had any sort of problems so far, it’s perfect.

    Also, i’d recommend you to buy a router in stores like fnac ou worten, where you can get a refund if the product hasn’t worked for you.


  5. @PP i was thinking about a vpn server, but something easy to configure. Does OpenWRT provide such facilities?

    @DGomes Asus was my first choice but I’ve read that they’re making firmware changes a hell to discourage any changes to their devices. I too love WL500g series.

    All in all I see everyone recommending OpenWRT and Tomato so I’ll look more deeply to both and see what happens. But I really need to find a .11n device, as most of my wireless clients are .11n-able πŸ™‚

    Tks to everyone that posted their opinion

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