Solaris + Ubuntu == Robust server, Take 2

Hi fellow geeks,

One year and some months ago, I posted about an Ubuntu-based distro for OpenSolaris, Nexenta. Back then it was versioned as alpha7, but it has now reached 1.0.1. A 2.0alpha1 release is also available, featuring the upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Herdon).

For those of you, ZFS-DTrace-Zones lovers, there is a review at OSNews that’s worth reading.

Here’s an excerpt that will make you forgive me the lamme linking attitude.

apt-clone = system clone + apt-get

so a command apt-get install apache2 is equivalent to

zfs clone beforeapache2 rootfs
#add grub lines to boot to ‘beforeapache2’
apt-get install apache2

4 thoughts on “Solaris + Ubuntu == Robust server, Take 2

  1. tas a comprar empresas com objectivos, dimensões e idades muitooooo diferentes!! a Canonical já fez mais por Linux, principalmente a limar as arestas para o end-user, e a publicitar o Linux para os mesmos, do que a RH, IBM, etc..

    deixa de ser bitaiter pah! o kroah até nem é empregado da

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