What UPS to buy?

Hi fellow geek,

I’ve got an ASUS barebone, V3 P5-G965 which goes up to a maximum consumption of 300W. Also I’ve got two Samsung 20″ Wide TFT LCD, 205BW reaching 75W tops. Now, I want to protect them from power-outages and, if possible, keep working for one hour. Could you give me some advices on what UPS to buy?

Thanks 🙂

One thought on “What UPS to buy?

  1. Nuno C. Inacio says:


    UPSs use a very different type of battery than say notebooks. They withstand a much higher load (versus some 60W in a typical notebook) but they are not made for powering a load for a very long amount of time.

    I have two UPS at home (500VA and 600VA), each with a PC consuming no more than 200W and I would say that I can get around 5-10 mins out of them. I have never let them discharge completely, so I don’t have exact figures. Maybe the one with the older PC can hold longer than that.

    Best way to use them is to have the PC turn off if UPS is running low on battery.

    If you really want one hour you’ll probably have to buy a big UPS (> 1KVA)

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