It has been some time since I last posted, but well, I got good reasons for that.

Firstly, I moved (again) to a new place. It’s bigger than the last one, more equipped and it’s around the same rent I used to pay. Not to mention the sightseeing. Photos won’t be posted as there are a lot of maniacs around here. I know. I’ve been there.

Also, I’m no longer working at Nokia Siemens Networks. Even that it was a short-term – only two years -, I learned a lot and made some friends which is all very positive. But, sometimes in life things don’t go as we expect them to and so I felt it was time to get along and grab a new challenge. And so I did..

As for now, I won’t give you much details as everything is still very fresh, but I can say that I’m still in the Software Development department oriented at Telecommunications, but this time focused on the Mobile scene. Terms like “mobility”, handover”, “cellphone carrier services” and “java me” will be strongly read in this blog from now on.

Oh and btw, for all of you geeks out there, check out my latest acquisition, Nokia E71. This baby rocks hard and beats the hell out off IPhoda-se (IPhuck in English). A review shall be made available soon…

Nokia E71

Nokia E71


7 thoughts on “Ping

  1. stronix says:

    now the Pro-Appl€ fanboy’s will attack you.. they will start a attack on you comment box.. with all the rage and fury they have.. because you say the E71 is better than the iPhuck… 😛

    i’m just waiting to put my hands on one.. 😛 E71.. not iPhone.

  2. calvernaz says:

    It’s time to say goodbye old friend, you lead me to a better man. I wish you luck in your new challenge and maybe “au revoir”.

  3. Well, the e71 has a keyboard, better camera, better built-in MMS application, better price… It’s a very nice phone. It has nice power requirements and a battery you can actually replace over time.

    As a multimedia player the e71 is… well, to be as nice as I can to Nokia, something taken out of the early 90’s: It plays stuff, you can use it to hear/see stuff, but it is actually painfull to compare it to the iPhone. As a Internet platform both “do the job”, only one (the iPhone) actually looks good at doing it, being mail/twitter/web/rss/etc the iPhone does all the same things but with a interface that makes the e71 feel like something from a different century.

    The iPhone on the other hand is years ahead, in a league of its own really when it comes to OS and SDK. The quality of games and applications that appeared in the Apple app store in the first 100 days since it open says it all. Comparing the iPhone user experience to the nokia one is shocking (again, being as nice as I can).

    I have both. It´s funny that you choose the term “rock hard” to describe the Nokia, because that’s something that the iPhone actually does much MUCH better. I don’t carry the nokia with me anymore. It’s in the office, on my desk, connected to it’s power plug, redirecting calls (from my old number) to the iPhone. I will probably never buy a symbian phone again (had several thru the years).

    The idea that the e71 beats the hell out of the iPhone… 🙂 Brings to my mind the image of a caveman beating the hell of a modern human. I can see that happen. The e71 is probably a lot more resistant to violent shocks than the iPhone (I am not about to throw both on the floor to find out), so if they actually wrestle while I am away I am sure the Nokia will beat the hell out of the iPhone and seat on it afterwards.

    Dude, relax, it’s a f***ing phone! It will be outdated garbage in two years. Pick whatever you like and gets the job done. You actually don’t have to pick the “best one” and be smarter than anyone else around. I own most smartphones (also have blackberrys here), but I have special professional needs, but any piece of garbage that allows me to make and receive call would do, and it’s really not that important. The iPhone is better than the e71? Well, not if you are blind or need to use the phone without looking at it (the screen has no sensory feedback or marks), but with that exception made; it is better looking and I like it more. Who give a s***?


  4. @stronix lol

    @calvernaz you whore :-p tks

    @pls well dude, you said it all when you argue “Pick whatever you like and gets the job done”. That’s what I’ve done. I picked up a smartphone that can get my job _well_ done. But let me go through some of your arguments.
    As I’ve also so much to say, I’ll go for another post and I hope you’re willing to keep up there 🙂

  5. JimO says:

    I am all ears. I bought a Blackberry Bold and sent it back to ATT after the 4th day. Picked a Z9Motorola Slider for an interum solution. I like the E71 and the Iphone as well. I take a lot of pictures, and the E71 has a 3.2 camera with flash, the Iphone has a 2 mp camera and no flash. But the most important question of all is which one has the Best Poker Software????
    The Nokia n96 is also something I am considering if the golden goose lands in my wallet. It is about $700 retail and not a phone my carrier(att) is going to offer ever. So full price, and no if you sign up for the rest of your life with us it’s only $12.95. It has a 5 mp camera w/flash though, but how old is the design/innerface,etc.

  6. chris says:

    hi leute ich komme aus deutschland und habe auch ein e71 ich finde es ist das geilste, beste und tollste handy das nokia nach dem 3210 rausgebracht hat!!

    ich ♥ dieses handy es ist so flach passt in jede jacken und hosen tasche ich weiß nicht wie ich es in worte fassen soll ich liebe es einfach…

    …na gut.. der mediaplayer ist nicht der schnellste… aber hey is ja auch keine multimedia handy =)

    und wer meint uns E71 besitzern auslachen zu müßen wenn es mal etwas länger dauert… man siht sich immer zweimal im leben die sollen dann mal sehen wie schnell wir ne übersicht über unsere emails haben oder sonst was… =) ☺

    so leute man sieht sich.. peace… and


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