Ubuntu Intrepid and NVidia now working!


Just had my desktop upgraded to Intrepid and even that the upgrade process went smoothly, the first boot and consequent did not!

The problem? Well, it seemed that it was something about my device drivers at first. How could I explain that when I enabled the default driver “vesa”, everything worked. But with nvidia proprietary drivers it wouldn’t? But it wasn’t..

Somewhere along the update, I believe the upgrade to the new X.Org server version, some stuff wasn’t correctly performed cause after some digging I found out that my xorg.conf file was not being loaded due to some parsing issues.

All I had to do was to check in /var/log/Xorg.0.log and find out where the problem is. It was a parameter RgbPath in Section “Files”. Removed that line. Rebooted computer (I know I could’ve just restarted X). Off we go..

Now, I must go back to work! Hope this helps someone out there..

5 thoughts on “Ubuntu Intrepid and NVidia now working!

  1. Rui says:

    With recent X servers you don’t actually need a xorg.conf. You only need one for the nvidia driver since the autodetection mechanism will try to load the nv driver.

    Still I recommend you to trim your xorg.conf to a minimum. Mine only has the section where the nvidia driver is specified with its options. I deleted everything else and X just autodetects everything. Welcome to the 21st century šŸ˜‰

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