John Dvorak is an avid follower of this blog!!

Doubt it? Check the picture in this post!

Obviously he has read the amazing review of the Nokia E71 written by yours truly.

Oh and btw, I was also present in SAPO Codebits 2008. Good organization, nice idea on the RFID, good catch on the free food, drinks and tooth-brush. Poor presentations! Please spare us the intro and history stuff, and show us the code.. or at least something that’s actually worth the event itself.

* OpenMoko – Totally SUCKED! Compiling stuff directly in the device using distcc was the only amusing part, even that it’s so totally fucking stupid.

* Java HA – Left 3 minutes after starting. Was expecting something like HADB, clustering hacks and stuff like that. But all I saw was file parsing.. Perhaps I wrongly got in a PERL intro.

* CoachDB – I was expecting something more, but all in all it was refreshing.

* Server-side Javascript – nifty concept but not for me!

* Technology in a start-up – now that’s something I wasn’t expecting to attend given that Java HA happened at the same time, but as I left the latter I thought why not rant a bit with the tech leader of the Biker Mice from Mars crew, aka 7Syntax? And so I did! Unfortunately such individual is not open to steady smart questions and the answer was always “NO!” whatever the context might be! Very interesting, though, is the chunk of frameworks they use to bring Handivi to life.. and just look at it, very attractive look, isn’t it?!

Oh well, people were nice! We could almost see some fight between Microsoft guys and Nuno Dantas because of him trying to take a picture of a Windows Vista crashed system.. and just for that it was really worth it. Can’t wait for 2009 edition!!


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