My MIPv6 testbed

Oh yeah, just got “my” MIPv6 testbed up and running. It’s a work task actually, but some material is mine like the Asus EeePC and the Nokia N810. Well, just wanted to share with the world how wonderful it is :-p

Super-cool MIPv6 testbed

Super-cool MIPv6 testbed

Enjoy you geeks!

6 thoughts on “My MIPv6 testbed

  1. it’s been three years since I pursued this task, but I remember that I had to compile a kernel with OMAP patches in order to have a version >= 2.6.28 working (this was the 1st version to include MIPv6 extensions).

    after that, I had to hack and recompile umip daemon (mostly remove uneeded code and change some imports) in order to install on the device. unfortunately, i’m no longer allowed to access the documentation of this installment.

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