Long time no see..

Hi fellow geeks,

Been 2 months since my last post, I know. I have been quite busy at work! And I guess it’s time I talk a little bit of what I’m doing since November.

Well, for a start I left Nokia Siemens Networks for PDM&FC (I know the website is old, and not trying to excuse the inexcusable, let’s say that people there are actually busy working on real stuff). Anyway, leaving a corporate for an SME was a refreshing decision! I didn’t feel productive anymore, and that was something I couldn’t stand. People were great, though 🙂

Arriving at the new company was nothing as I had in mind. In the initial couple days, it was hard to find someone who could spare some time pointing me what to do and where to start. Soon, I realized everyone was so very busy working on their projects. Nonetheless, I was kindly received by my new coworkers, and I was eager to start showing what I’m able to do.

I started with some minor tasks like writing some Python + Gstreamer code for video-transcoding stuff; then some PHP spaghetti; ending with architectural design discussions for a scalable web service-oriented platform. But the true thing I was recruited for was yet to come, the EU-funded project (FP7) HURRICANE.

HURRICANE aims at delivering a framework to enable and execute seamless handover between heterogeneous radio access networks like 802.11, 802.16 aka WiMAX, DVB-H and 3GPP (UMTS). Let me throw some major concepts so you can better understand what I’m doing..

  • Handover – process of transferring an ongoing call or data session from one channel connected to the core network to another (see Handoff);
  • IEEE 802.21 – aka Media-Independent Handover (MIH) Service, this emerging standard is the base for this project, comprehending the facilitation of handover analysis procedures. The resulting decision process and execution is out-of-scope of the standard.

And this is what HURRICANE proposes: to provide an implementation of the .21 standard, some handover-decision/execution modules on top of it, and also the lower-layer access to the identified RATs (Radio Access Technologies).

802.21 - Media-Independent Handover

My main function on this project is to implement the proposed framework. Starting on the .21 generic service, the MIH Function (MIHF) and going through several stages of the link-layer (I hope to skip the real part on this), we’ll end by having, I hope, a real seamless handover between 802.11 and 802.16 – there are some more scenarios defined, but due to hardware access limitations, I don’t believe they’ll be fully deployed – powered by HURRICANE. Also, I’m the responsible to study (done!) and implement a PMIPv6 module to IP-mobility on top of this architecture.

A lot of work has been done, but there’s much more to do! I’m thrilled to see what we’ll achieve by the end of this year. In the meanwhile, I’ll be posting about casual stuff I shall be working on 🙂

Cheers to you all, and cya soon!

Yours truly


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