My new best-friend, HTC Hero!


Hello fellow geeks.

Yeah, it’s true, I have one thanks to my buddy Nuno Tavares from NET7, who so gently “offered” it to me (kudos to him!). It’s only been two days since I got my hands on it, but I’m totally in love for this black beauty.


HTC Hero Black

You probably remember my post about the E71 vs IPhone and how happy I am (was) with that Nokia device, but after touching one of this, and having so many applications at hand, and that astonishingly cute user interface, I’m completely surrended! This Android-powered phone is a killer!

It comes with no carrier-blocking stuff, but still, as any respectful geek out there, the first thing I did was to investigate how could I make the experience better. I read that the HTC Sense UI was somewhat slow, and that an upgrade, which is expected in October, would solve that. But, curiously there is already a “preview” (of that update) in the wild!! The instructions are easy and are as following:

  1. Root your phone
  2. Download one of the two ROM images available in the previous link to the phone’s SD card
  3. The ROM comes zipped. Change its name to
  4. Boot your phone into the recovery image (press Home key and turn your phone on)
  5. Do a “nandroid backup”
  6. Wipe your phone/reset it to factory settings (it’s a new device, I didn’t lose a thing!)
  7. Select “apply”
  8. Wait and then restart when this option is available (after upgrading)

The first boot will take some time, but it’s worth it.

Now, the phone I got is prepared to Poland/Romania/Czech Republic, and I don’t know why the update didn’t remove this and enabled me to select Portuguese (word suggestion, dictionary, etc.). The English language, though, is available and it was OK for me. Still, one good thing about this update is that there is this Custom Locale application who allowed me to set the locale to PT_pt, which changed the language to portuguese. There is no word suggestion or dictionary, though (and until there are, these functionalities are disabled!).

Also, for the portuguese reading this, I’d like to publicize one, and perhaps the only portuguese Android community, AndroidPT.

Enjoy! ..I surelly am šŸ˜€


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